Flash Memoir Artist Statement

The majority of my writing is in a style I’ve developed called Flash Memoirs. As opposed to a traditional memoir, where a writer recalls previous life experiences and meditates on their influence, these Flash Memoirs are vignettes that attempt to articulate the importance of the filler moments enveloping said events in real time, giving them an autonomous importance and stripping you of the chance to ruminate—the filler becomes the events and unlock subtleties of modern living. There is an arbitrary 350 word maximum set that was inspired by the 15- and eventually 60-second limit set for Instagram videos, which in a way takes you out of your phone to appreciate these few moments, only giving you a record of these glimpses. A reader’s time economy is important and I want to reward the effort. This glimpse-effect is substantial in form and rhythm to the way people communicate today, and forces the reader to let go of their own perceptions of others and their idiosyncrasies by way of these approachable, rappy, rhythmic, slang-heavy memoirs. This letting go is crucial to testing the reader’s malleability with American English, and my intention is to prove the subjectivity of the language, creating a new cross-cultural empathy.