Blunt Guts

Working with blunt guts is an attempt to prevent wastefulness. Creating dreads or bonsai trees as a way of identifying not only myself in other nonsentient materials, but also to explore the idiosyncrasies of American garbage.


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Knotty Hard Head Nigga (2017), found stones, shea butter, talc, blunt guts, Murray’s black beeswax, paper clips, white glue, hot glue

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Autumn (2017), misc street trash, rusty nails, blunt guts, beeswax, rubber bands, carnauba wax, found stones, discarded floor tile, hot glue, wood glue, white glue

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hood bonsai #4 (2017), chopsticks, paper clips, wood glue, blunt guts, wood, dirt, filters, dead tree stump, plastic figurine, discarded street trash, sand, found stones

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In these skreetz, (2017)concrete, oil, found cement, Hennessy bottle, carnauba wax, chop sticks, wood glue, blunt guts, hair, beeswax





found stone from Marcus Garvey Park, medical gauze, permanent marker, 2016-17


This found object sculpture is an attempt to articulate the gentrification & destruction of culture that comes with it. This is happening rapidly all over New York City. Using native objects from the area is a way of me showing respect & empathizing with those who visit & enjoy the park while they still can.

Installed somewhere in Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem.